Since 1990 while living in USA, we started to run our brokering business as an independent to worldwide customers and collectors.

In addition to that network, we continued to improve our Automobile skills in several fields order to offer multiple ranges of services and to answer to specific demands.

Ourself collector for the last 26 years, we know what a collector is looking for. Discretion and transparency are our standards. Objective advices and evaluation of costs for restoration budget are included in our service at the highest order. 

Specialised in Porsche RS, RSR, GT3 & GT2 range, a skill due to one of our previous owned companies in Porsche Tuning and Porsche Racing Team, in addition to our other passion fully devoted to Lamborghini… lead us to learn so much about Lamborghini over the last 40 years.
Probably that's the reason why several Auctions Houses requests our skills !

Recently, our expertise has been also challenged during the Islero meeting in 2017, followed by the Lamborghini Concours of Elegance held in Neuchatel - Switzerland where we were one of the Judges.

Are you considering a Vintage Lamborghini?

We will advice you in a frankly open discussion in order to determine which model will suit you best.

We can also assist you bidding at auction houses, inspecting cars at private party, dealers or garage.

Feel free to contact us.




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